Getting started on the process of building business analytics solutions at scale.

Designing, building and operating an enterprise data system that can deliver real competitive advantage is far from trivial. Only organizations that establish a sound data strategy, allocate the proper resources, and take a thoughtful approach can succeed.
Our Data Fitness Warm-Up webinar recordings will provide you with a roadmap to guide you on the data journey, helping you in the process of developing business analytics solutions at scale.



#1 Getting the Data Basics Right: Dos and Don’ts
How to prevent injuries and get your core data management process in shape.

#2 Data Training Ramp Up: Extracting Value with Data Science
The essential equipment to leverage your data from analytics to MLOps.

#3 Game Day: Get Ready to Beat Your Competition with Data
Enterprise case studies that show how data delivers measurable business outcomes.


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icon moviri  What a data lake is, what it’s not and how to build a sound architecture.

 icon moviri  What ML Ops is and why you should think about it.

icon moviri  How to build your organization’s data science capabilities the right way.

icon moviri  Examples of organizations using analytics at scale to beat the competition.