WP Real-Time Anomaly Detection by Moviri

How machine learning helped a leading payments technology provider reveal hidden IT system failures.

In our latest white paper, we outlined the 9 key tasks that CTOs must fulfill to build an enterprise anomaly detection system. We talked about models, data, IT architectures, and best practices.
In this white paper, we will show how to switch from theory to practice with a case study in the FinTech industry. We will explain how Moviri experts have developed, for one of the main Italian PayTech companies, a fast and performing anomaly detection system based on advanced machine learning algorithms.

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A case study of real-time anomaly detection in the FinTech industry.

How an ad hoc machine learning approach makes a difference in facing challenging problems.

How MLOps helps in adopting ML models in production.

 The impact and the results on the main business KPIs.