Distiamo by Arduino Pro

Distiamo is the most advanced distancing and contact tracing solution for Manufacturing.

Distiamo is an Arduino solution, developed in collaboration with Moviri, that helps maintain minimum-allowed distance between people and perform automatic exposure contact-tracing.

Manufacturing has been particularly susceptible to the negative impact of the virus because of the on-site nature of the work, the close proximity of workers, and the global economic volatility wreaking havoc on supply chains. Distiamo can help reopen facilities keeping people at work, safely.

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distiamo_flexibility  Flexibility
Distiamo complies and adapts to evolving regulations, meets your workplace’s specific needs, and ensures you are doing your part to keep people safe.

 distiamo_accuracy  Accuracy
Distiamo is a cost-effective, hybrid system delivering high-accuracy where you need it, such as high-density areas, and lower accuracy (and costs) where you don’t.

distiamo_privacy  Privacy
With Distiamo, people’s safety does not come at the expense of their privacy. It only captures anonymous data, which are synched and stored in the Arduino IoT Cloud and can be accessed and decoded only by you, locally.

distiamo_safety  Safety
Distiamo allows you to protect your worker's health & safety beyond COVID-19, monitoring maximum occupancy numbers, employees' whereabouts during an emergency evacuation and people's falls.


Distiamo Asset