Distiamo by Arduino Pro

Distiamo is the most advanced distancing and contact tracing solution for Hotels & Resorts.

The health and safety of your guests and staff always have to be your top priority. Updating your cleaning guidelines and implementing additional processes and procedures couldn't be enough to provide exceptional service in a safe environment.

Distiamo is an Arduino solution, developed in collaboration with Moviri, that helps maintain minimum-allowed distance between people and perform automatic exposure contact-tracing.

Distiamo Flyer-1

Tag Activation  Tag Activation
Welcome your guests at the check-in, pair their ID with the Distiamo bracelet (or other tags) and start tracking. Schedule the tags activation just when you need it, and avoid false-positive notifications generation.

 Tag Lifecycle  Tag Lifecycle
Staff and guests have a very different experience in terms of assigned areas, service hours, vacation days, and weeks. Define and optimize the tags lifecycle in advance.

Tag Status View  Tag Status View
Through the Management App you can have a real-time view of all active tags: battery level, firmware version, generated contact. Manage every single solution's component: get feedback, make changes, and see them live.

Beyond COVID-19  Beyond COVID-19
Distiamo tags are easily configurable for applications beyond COVID-19 such as restricted areas pass, fitness tracker for outdoor activities, notification/reminder for main shows or other entertainment programs, people counter for capacity reasons in a specific area or venue.