Distiamo by Arduino Pro

Distiamo is the most advanced distancing and contact tracing solution for your workplace.

Distiamo is an Arduino solution, developed in collaboration with the Moviri IoT team, that helps maintain minimum-allowed distance between people and perform automatic exposure contact-tracing.

The solution was designed for any workplace. We have installed it at the Arduino headquarters inside a major co-working space and in our customers’ offices and spaces. The system can be adapted to a variety of workspaces such as corporate offices, warehouses, exhibition centers, museums, university campuses, supermarkets, and even cruise ships. It works both indoors and outdoors. It’s for any space where people come together, interact, and work. With Distiamo, they can do that safely.

distiamo_flexibility  Flexibility
Distiamo adapts to evolving regulations, meets your workplace’s specific needs, and ensures you are doing your part to keep your people safe.

 distiamo_accuracy  Accuracy
Distiamo is a cost-effective, hybrid system delivering high-accuracy where you need it, such as high-density areas, and lower accuracy (and costs) where you don’t.

distiamo_privacy  Privacy
With Distiamo, people’s safety does not come at the expense of their privacy. Distiamo records and monitors only relevant data, using anonymous tag IDs and allowing information decoding only locally.

distiamo_safety  Safety
Distiamo allows you to protect your worker health & safety beyond COVID - emergency evacuation tracking, person down, and maximum occupancy monitoring.